Fri. Feb 22nd, 2019

CARXIE Commences Operations In Abuja, Threatens UBER, TAXIFY


A leading mobile application powered taxi company, CARXIE has formally begun its operations in Abuja and other northern parts of Nigeria.
The operations Director of the Dukan Group, the parent company of the CarXie Mobile App, Mr. Chinedu Amadi, who flagged off the operations in Abuja stated officially CarXie will come live in Abuja on Monday, 20th August, 2018. He urged all to download the CarXie Mobile App today in the interest of Nigeria, adding that the application is set to redefined the operations of taxi services in Nigeria.
The CARXIE mobile app allows people to request a taxi or private driver from their smartphone.
Speaking at the launch of the CarXie Mobile App in Abuja, Mr. Amadi said the on-going national launch of the CarXie Mobile App and Swift2pay, is another opportunity for Nigerians to actively participate in national development.
The CarXie Mobile App, tested and available in the Google Play store and in the very discerning Apples Store, comes on board with awesome features that resolve a number of the challenges that have threatened the growth of the transport sector in Nigeria. These features include how to make car theft and kidnapping impracticable as riders are expected to issue their Bank Verification Numbers (BVN), as a means of social identification, each vehicle is automatically tracked, and voice chats are possible during rides.
The CarXie App is embedded with the Swift2Pay easy to use payment gateway and card to ensure only the wallet of the passenger is exposed to online transactions. Swift2Pay has additional features including ATM. This is an innovation to ensure that Nigerians can move around with a smart wallet. Engaging cab owners and drivers, the CarXie Director explained, that only cars made from 2008 would be allowed to operate the CarXie franchise. He stressed that cars below 2008 may under-perform thus diminishing the image of the brand CarXie.
Answering questions from the media Mr. Amadi noted that the integrity of the drivers and vehicles are assured through rigorous inspection exercises. Unlike competition, inspection is free and handled by supervisory partnerships embedded in the CarXie offer to ensure quality and trust – the Executive Partners, the State Partners and the Regional Partners. These categories create additional 5,000 jobs for Nigerians through the opening of CarXie outlets for Vehicle and Driver registrations, and inspections.
When fully operational CarXie is expected to provide employment for 36,000 Nigerians in five years. A huge significance that should elicit a patriotic patronage from all Nigerians. CarXie also reduces the amount Nigeria loses daily through capital flight to foreign cab companies.
CarXie is a member of the Dukan Group, a beehive of patriotic innovations worthy of recognition and patronage. It is high time Nigerians realized that the only way to the industrialized economy of our dreams is the preference and patronage of Made in Nigeria products and Services. The preference for everything foreign must end in the face of products and services that meet global standards. We therefore ask Nigerians to support and partner made in Nigeria by Nigerians for Nigerians. News from FreshNewsTv

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