About Us

CarXie Taxi Service 

CarXie is a taxi booking app that fixes your trip needs using a secured, safe and affordable platform. CarXie is available everywhere in Nigeria at all times.

Connecting riders to CarXie drivers is just a matter of few clicks. 

CarXie is an innovative mobile app  designed to satiate your intra/intercity trips at the shortest possible notice by providing cabs that guarantee your comfort and  security. 

CarXie was conceived to ensure that Nigeria is a major and active player in today’s technology-driven transportation systems  that is strategic to a smooth running economy.

The app was conceptualised with features that make car theft and kidnapping impossible, explaining that “a commuter is expected to issue his Bank Verification Number (BVN), as a means of  identification and that each vehicle is automatically tracked and voice chats are possible during rides. The driver and vehicle verification exercises are so thorough that they yield only courteous and comfortable service. 

CarXie mobile app has been tested and available in Google Play store and Apples Store.

CarXie is fully operational and set to provide employment for 36,000 Nigerian within the next 5 years through the executive partner program.