1. How do I download CarXie?

Go to Google Play or Apple Store, then type CarXie - you will see two CarXie icons;
i. CarXie.
ii. CarXie Driver.
CarXie is for riders while CarXie Driver is for drivers. Click on download depending if you are a rider or driver.

2. Why do I need to input my BVN?

BVN is a unique identifier, it helps us to identify both riders and drivers and guarantees security of all using the CarXie platform. It enables us to validate your information using the CarXie platform, which is secured.

3. What do I earn as a driver?

As a driver with CarXie you are paid 88% on each ride.

4. When do I get paid as a driver?

CarXie drivers will be paid via fund transfer every two weeks.

5. What do I earn as an Executive partner?

You earn 1% on each driver recruited.

6. Can I book a ride when I cannot remember my password?

To login click on forgot password, then enter your phone number and click on Get OTP. You will receive a message with a code/number, input it in the required column for OTP. You will be asked to input a new password, then confirm it. Input your new password with a minimum of 11 characters and submit.

7. What do I do when a rider leaves an item in my car?

In this circumstance, please inform us by calling CarXie help line sharing details with our representative. We will connect you with the rider so that the two of you can meet at your convenient time.

8. How is a rider charged when there are multiple stops before final destination?

Ride bills are determined by the actual time and distance traveled. Where a rider makes several stop before arriving at his final destination, do not end the trip until you get to the final destination.

9. How long am I expected to wait for a rider before cancellation?

If a rider does not arrive at the pick- up location within 5-8 minutes a driver can cancel ride.

10. Can I drive from my state to other state?

Inter state ride are allowed. This makes CarXie unique.

11. What do I do when my phone crashes during a ride?

Continue with the ride and call CarXie help line to end the trip from our end.
Then the ride bill will be communicated accordingly.